You don't need to be an expert to use XpertDNS™. We offer Advance DNS Solutions to make sure that your site's DNS is always online.

Low Price and High Value

XpertDNS™ offers some of the lowest prices around while allowing our customers the flexibility that will help keeping your site online.

Domain Name Registration

XpertDNS™ is a reseller for eNom, Inc. They are an ICANN accredited registrar and have been in business since 1997, specializing in domain name registration and related services. Domain Names purchased through XpertDNS are sold at cost allowing us to give you the best possible value.

High Speed

Tinydns compiles it's information into cdb format, a hashed database. While a new database is being compiled, the servers continue to answer queries from the old database. There is no gap in DNS service when the new database is finished. This means the DNS server does not need to shutdown to update so your changes take effect within 1 minute.

Very Easy to Use

XpertDNS™ uses a modified version of VegaDNS which is an easy and fast web based interface to allow you complete control over your DNS zone file.

DNS Hosting Services & Management

Manage your hostnames, aliases, mail records (including SPF and domainkeys), SOA records, and Time To Live from our easy to use DNS Control Panel.

Available Record Types:


Dynamic DNS Service

Use our Dynamic DNS service if you would like to host your own web server, mail server, ftp server etc. but you do not have a static ip.

Vanity DNS

XpertDNS™ allows you to create custom name server records so our name server work with your names. You can then point your domain names to:


Instead of:


URL redirection

URL Redirection allows you to alias your long, hard-to-remember, URLs to your short hostname. This enables you to have a simple and easy to remember Web address. We utilize 301 redirects, it is the most efficient and Search Engine Friendly method for URL redirection

Secondary DNS

Just looking for a backup name server to your own? You can also have both of our name servers slave from your master name server. You will be able to use all three name servers.

Round Robin DNS Load Distribution

If you serve a very popular site, you will eventually find the limit at which your server simply can't serve any more requests. While upgrading hardware will help in the short term, you may eventually find that a single machine can't possibly perform the work that needs to be done. One way to overcome the limits is to distribute the load across many machines. By adding a second (or third) server to the available pool of servers, you can not only increase performance but also add to the stability of the network. If you have a hot spare (or three) running all of the time, then if one develops trouble, the others can take over for it without any downtime.

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